Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros is the third name confirmed at the NO BORDERS MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013 after Zucchero Fornaciari Franco Battiato.


Sigur Ros wrote the most poetic and bizarre music, winning the unanimous consent of the public and critics and becoming the ultimate expression of alternative rock.

The Icelandic phenomenon is the third big band in the No Borders Music Festival 2013, the prestigious music
festival that enhances the music as a form of culture and communication beyond ethnic, linguistic, social and geographical borders.

The expected performance of Sigur Rós is on Tuesday, July 23 (starting at 21:00), in the beautiful Piazza Unità in Tarvisio (UD).
The concert is included in the band’s 2013 Summer Tour, which does not provide any performance in Austria and Slovenia.

The history of Sigur Rós began in 1994, the same day as the birth of the grandson of the leader Jonsi Birgisson, called precisely Sigurros. The band was immediately noted by compatriot Bjork, but to achieve notoriety, had to wait for the album Von. The first step outside of Iceland comes with Agaetis Byrjun (1999), where the psychedelic atmosphere of the first album is added with distinctly rock guitars.

2005 is the year of Takk, the third album full of new expressive power of Birgisson and his companions. Two years later the band returns with a double CD, Hvarf / Heim, in which, together with new songs, there are covers of their previous production. Great success also reflected the documentary film Heima, showing a series of concerts held by the band in picturesque locations.

The fifth studio album, Med Sud Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust, was released in 2008 and sees the collaboration of producer Flood (Nine Inch Nails). Featuring new sounds and original artistic ideas, the magic of Sigur Ros is the result of the meeting
between many different artistic suggestions and the result is a unique and instinctive sound, an exciting music that blends the magic of the land of inspiring Iceland.
The wonderful ability to create exciting music represents over the years the hallmark of Sigur Rós, also because
of the fact that they sing lyrics in Icelandic or, alternatively, in a particular language completely invented by Jonsi Birgisson, the
hopelandic . In May 2012 is published Valtari, a return to basics for the band’s sound. The latest album will be released on June 18th with name Kveikur. Brennisteinn is the first single of this album, the first
one that sees the band as a trio, after the departure of multi-instrumentalist Kjartan Sveinsson.